Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Floral Print Fabrics for Summer

So many quilts, such little time ! We have a collection of softly colored  floral prints in lovely muted shades that are perfect for summer, but unfortunately we just won't get to them this season.  Each 100% cotton print is one yard or greater in length; and they're yours for super-low prices ranging from $1.99 to $3.99 apiece.

We listed them on Quilt Inspiration E-Bay, or just click on the colored letters directly above each photo. Thanks for looking, and we know you'll produce a lovely project this summer !

( Coming up soon ! Another Free Pattern Day !) 

1 2/3 yds "Victorian Wheeling" by Jennifer Sampou for P and B Textiles

 Rose pink, teal, and sage green on a soft  taupe, chocolate, and beige background. A  pretty border print in the same colors runs along one side of the selvedge. One and two-thirds yards for $3.99 (plus shipping).

 1 1/8 yds "Countryside" print from Hoffman International

Rose pink, powder blue, lavender, and spruce green on a cream background. These flowers and leaves are etched in silver metallic, which make them sparkly and glamorous!  One and one-eighth yards for $3.99 (plus shipping).

1 3/4 yards "Piecemakers" floral by P and B Textiles 

Icy pink, blue, and lavender pastels with pale mint green leaves on an off-white background. Powder blue and rose pink mini-flowers are scattered throughout. Cool and refreshing muted shades, perfect for warm weather. One and three-fourths yard for $3.99 (plus shipping)

2 yds wildflower motif from Concord Fabrics U.S.A.

Sold. Thank you so much !

1 1/8 yds watercolor motif in blue, pink, green

Sold. Thank you so much !

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Amador Valley Quilt Show (California) : Day 4

We recently attended the annual quilt show of the Amador Valley Quilters in Livermore, California, with the theme "Colors of the Vineyard". This prolific guild had two big rooms full of fabulous quilts. It's difficult to decide which quilts to feature, as they were all wonderful ! Here is Part 4 - the finale - of our photos.

(We're featuring fun books, patterns, and fabrics at very low prices on Quilt Inspiration E-Bay !)

Self Portrait by Virginia Standley

Virginia notes, "When I am old, with silver hair, I will wear sequins and sparkly earrings and rhinestones in my hair."  To us, this sounds like a wonderful goal in life ! It's never too late to create "glamour moments" and to be kind to ourselves as we progress through life. 

In this close-up of Virginia's  original design, you can see her dangly earrings, her metallic silver top, her hair made out of what appears to be soft cotton, and the little rhinestone crown in her hair. We really enjoyed seeing this whimsical quilt, which created some fabulous "bling" with its embellishments !

Zoo Holiday, submitted by Mary Ann Anderson, design by Nancy S. Brown

Mary Ann explains, "The 'Bulbs' group have been appliqueing with Nancy Brown for over 10 years. We needed another group project. We decided on a theme, and Nancy created another unique and fun pattern for us. Laura Lee Fritz did the quilting."  In these blocks, you can see many depictions of San Francisco area attractions, such as the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco Zoo, and the bear in the kayak ( lower right) wearing the jersey of the San Francisco Giants baseball team. 

We really liked the sweet face, complete with eyelashes, of this giraffe, rising out of the fog, with the Oakland Bay Bridge behind him. This quilt turned out to be such a wonderful applique project !

Home Tweet Home by Susan Mangels, quilted by Lora Zmak

Susan writes, "While on the Shop Hop 'Quilt Rush', I saw this design offered as a class. This was an opportunity to do a small quilt and spend the day with a friend. I had purchased this fabric line because of its designs of punctuation and text - colors not so much. The quilt, when finished, was a very happy surprise." The description says that the design is by Vicki Bellino at Bloom Creek.

 In this close-up, you can see the punctuation marks  (commas and periods) of which Susan is speaking.  These black and white fabrics with intriguing motifs add a lot of personality and sparkle to Susan's contemporary quilt. 

España by Charlotte McConkie

Charlotte explains, This is a "Memory Travel Quilt' of one of the countries my husband and I have traveled to since our retirement. The culture of Spanish art, architecture, and music leave a lasting impression.  I have picked a few of those images in this quilt. " `

In this close-up, you can see the silhouettes of Don Quixote and his friend Sancho Panza, two personages made famous in the year 1605 by the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes. In the block to the right of  Don Quixote are the windmills which he often imagined to be living giants. The windmills are part of the landscape of La Mancha ,the elevated plateau of central Spain, south of Madrid. Charlotte's innovative border, done in various shades of red, adds to the beauty of her original design.

The Tornado Quilt, OKC Modern Quilt Guild, submitted by Diane Chambers

Diane explains, "Oklahoma City was ravaged by a Category 5 ( very strong) tornado on May 20, 2013.... Members of my daughter's quilt guild, the OKC Modern Quilt Guild, rose to he occasion by making quilts to donate to those displaced by the tornado and by raffling off two quilts to raise money for the victims. This is one of those raffled quilts.

Diane adds........"In a project titled 'Moore Love' ( named after the city of Moore, Oklahoma) , over 400 quilts were collected and distributed. This pretty pattern, which in our opinion resembles an Amish "bricks" quilt, is titled "Tulsa Town" by Villa Rose Designs.

Image credits:  Photos were taken by Quilt Inspiration.
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